Lilla Foundation, Supporting children of the outback

Welcome to Lilla Foundation

The Lilla Foundation’s overall goal is to facilitate sustainable living for indigenous communities through leadership development of Aboriginal children in Central Australia. This is achieved in a variety of ways by ensuring the provision of basic services in the communities that the children live, the establishment of sustainable gardens and food, education facilities and programs ensuring cultural integration.

Through these initiatives, the Lilla Foundation also aims to develop leadership values amongst the children, so as to create leaders who are inspired to care for their legacy and can show others the way.

To achieve these goals, the Lilla Foundation has also begun a number of other initiatives to assist children and their teachers and parents within their own milieu, such as school nutrition schemes, outstation upliftment and creating education opportunities.

The Lilla Foundation is a non-profit organisation founded and supported by Reg Ramsden and his company Remote Educational Tours that specailises in education group charters. His company enables interstate children to volunteer for community support projects during their Central Australia trips, and break down past prejudices through working together with locals and appreciating the differences and challenges of remote indigenous communities.

“It is through city kids meeting local aboriginal kids and working together on their lands that we can start giving back, bridge the gap and give the Aboriginal kids of today a better future” . Reg Ramsden